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Annabel’s talks from the Manchester Sex Lectures…


I’ve given a couple of talks now, as part of the Manchester Sex Lectures… the first was in September 2018, and the most recent was a couple of weeks ago, September 2019.

I can’t begin to tell you how nervous I was the first time, but I did it nonetheless and learnt a lot.  Tantra is so much to do with living our biggest and most expansive life, present to the fullness of possibility in any given moment.  Give me a group to stand before as I teach on a workshop, or a single person or couple I’m working with in my private practice and I’m generally very comfortable, but public speaking with bright lights, mics and no dialogue is a different kettle of fish – definitely pushed me to expand, and go way beyond my comfort zone.  I’m very grateful for that push; of course I’ll get better at this… please excuse my beginners ways.

The first talk was about Sexuality and Vulnerability – It’s 12 minutes long.  You simple can’t open to sexual expression without also being open to vulnerability – it’s a very close bed-follow to authenticity.

The second is my musings on how Heart Break is Just a Part of Life – 17 minutes.  Seemed like a good idea to talk about at the time! Gosh, I make myself laugh with the ideas that hold resonance to me… this was not the easily subject, but I have to say, regardless of the quality of my delivery I went on an awesome journey as I researched and tuned into this talk.  I hope that it touches you in some way.

There are loads of other brilliant Sex Lectures that have been given by other people on the Sex Lextures YouTube account.  I highly recommend that you have a good ol’ listen.  They are all enriching, illuminating and each one has a surprising amount of info in such a short talk.

Biggest thanks to Alison Pilling and Roget Bygott who have curated and put on the Manchester Sex Lectures… and now they are beginning to travel.  The next Sex Lectures evening is in Glasgow on November 23rd. 


I’m one of those people who always felt uncomfortable when things weren’t being talked about, like I could sense the elephant in the room… And seeing as lots of people’s ‘elephants’ are connected with their relationship with sexuality, I’ve had a need to create a life where shame melts, taboos bust, and elephants stomp their feet!  I feel more peace when secrets can be spoken and the energy they held in the body and mind can flow into our lives.

However much sexuality is liberated on this tantric journey, this doesn’t stop the fact that tantra isn’t all about sex – It’s about consciousness and expanded awareness, married with the fundamental belief that we are meant to enjoy our lives.

I wrote this small blog for Shakti Tantra the other day, as I flew back home from America.  Considering how much people think tantra is all about sex, I thought this moment captured much of what I’ve learnt over the 13+ years I’ve been travelling on this tantric path.  It makes me chuckle too, as it’s so not what the average person on the street thinks when they think about living a tantric life!

This is what I look like after three hours sleep on a wobbly plane by the way!