About Annabel

My name is Annabel Newfield (aka Bela) and I‘ve been on this amazing journey through all my life …  I’ve spent a whole lot of time, since childhood (I was that kooky kid who saw and heard things that others didn’t!) knowing there was more to life then met the eye and asking, ‘Who am I?’ …  deeply unpacking and answering that answer.  I am a slow but thorough student.  I do remember back when I was in my early 20’s talking with my hairdresser.  He was a spiritual Ozzie dude, and he said that in life the most important thing you had to do was get to know yourself; ‘know thyself’ was the exact phrase he used.  That seemed very simplistic to me, yet still my curiosity was intrigued… and thirty years later I see the seed was planted then.  My spirit knew there was great truth in that statement, but the ego mind was too steeped in illusion and barriers to really get it at all!  I’d built up unconscious defensive and protective masks and didn’t know who I was without them, didn’t even know they were there!  As the years have gone by,  so much seeking has happened, and the armour has slipped away.  I’ve been determined to find peace and joy and now support others to ‘heal the mind’ and find  themselves.

My learning and work paths have been varied … including yoga, meditation, conflict resolution (volunteer facilitator with The Alternatives to Violence Project for 10 years – working in the community and in male and female prisons), radio & television production and dance film-maker from 1996-2007, early years dance & play teacher since 2002 and continuing, birth doula from 2010-2018, tantra teacher with Shakti Tantra from 2012-2023.   I’ve Mum to a nearly 18 year old daughter, and that journey of raising her and co-parenting has been a powerhouse of learning.

In 2022 I found A Course In Miracles, and some incredible non-duality teachers … this has been a profound mind training that has fabulously turned life upside down, inside out, shining the brightest light on what is ‘not love’ – and consolidating learning about the drama triangle, projection, victim consciousness and codependency to step through all the ego’s illusions into the truth of unconditional love … so much healing and liberation has arrived.

It’s a beautiful thing to  ‘know thyself’.  It’s my total joy to coach and support you to that remembering.  We’re all walking each other home …

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