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Please send your initial enquiry by e-mail.

Tell me about why you’ve got in touch, what you’re looking for, about any concerns you have that you’d like to understand more about and transform, and about your hopes for positive changes you’d like to bring into your life.

Although my clients are parents the issues that come up in the work may well do to do with other areas of your life, or from long ago …  I work with those who believe that whatever has happened to them in life they believe there is ‘more’, and they’d like some support to learn about it.  The work transforms your parenting, freeing you from the past, bringing in new ways of seeing and relating, changing and healing perception.

We will arrange a mutually convenient time to have a free, no obligation 20 minute talk on the phone to find if we’re a good fit to wrk together… if yes, then I will design a programme for you.  Programmes include online work, home practice and can include in person work as well; all of that will be discussed in the consultation call.

The Newfield Nest is based in South Manchester in North West England and online all over the world.

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