Welcome To The Newfield Nest – “Reignite, embody and step into your power and pleasure”

Who am I? … This is quite a big question! … and one many of us wrangle with as we navigate our ever changing bodies and sexuality, our careers, relationships, motherhood/fatherhood, ageing, the list goes on. It’s an enormous question to answer and here in The Newfield Nest YOU go on the quest to answer it for YOURSELF.

Through tailor made one-to-one sessions and groups Annabel Newfield holds and supports you on this journey as you unlock your potential, and expand to consciously live the life you want to live. Annabel’s sessions include talking, movement, massage/body-work, specific structures like Yoni and Vajra healing, breath/meditation techniques, and a deep experience and understanding of tantric ritual. Annabel has spent many years studying and working in the fields of Tantra and sacred sexuality, shamanic dance and ritual, massage, healing, conflict resolution, meditation, community Arts, the media and as a birth doula. She’s been about! … and has many strings to her bow which enable her to hold a very warm, loving, and accepting space for you. Every part of you is welcome, every tale you’ve EVER or NEVER shared is welcome.

Annabel’s invitation empowers you to be fully in your pleasure. As well as running her private practice Annabel is part of the teaching team with Shakti Tantra’s women’s and mixed programmes. (www.shaktitantra.co.uk)

Each session is unique to meet your individual needs. They take place at Annabel’s Tantra Temple in South Manchester or virtually via skype/phone, and are for people wishing to explore and expand their sexual awareness.

This work helps you:-

  • To connect deeply with your own sexual energy – let go of and heal that which keeps you from enjoying this, including stress and tension, old beliefs that are ready to be let go of, performance and intimacy anxiety, sexual shyness, lack of experience …
  • To step into greater pleasure in your life and work out for yourself what gets in the way of you finding more.
  • To love your body – and let go of thoughts that get in the way of that, e.g. seeing yourself as too fat/thin/tall/short, ‘ugly’ stretchmarks, saggy boobs or belly, anything that makes you not feel happy with your body.
  • To honour your unique self – to untangle yourself from the images you inherited from your parents, other significant role models and the wider society around you.
  • To see yourself distinct from the millions of plates you spin in your life.
  • To embrace your unique power – within yourself, in intimate relationships and with your wider life.

Please get in touch, by phone or email. Please just say it as it is, and let me know what you’d like to change and awaken more of in your life.

Step into your power and pleasure …