‘I made lifelong friends as I rolled around on the floor with babies and other parents! Taught me how to play and we never stopped.  Annabel often says in her classes ‘you have the same body as your baby, just bigger’; it’s true and i start to give myself as much care and love as I wished for my child back then’  – Mum of now 13 year old

‘Fabulous, inspirational, multi-sensual experience for all’ – Moss Side Sure Start

‘Best group I have attended’ – Dad of 1 year old

‘Fantastic opportunity to get really physical & enjoy all that is great about being a child’ – Mum of 3 year old

‘Reminds me how much I love my Baby’ – Mum of 6 month old

‘As a new mother I was in overwhelm. Baby Boogie was so much more than a class to take my child too.  Annabel supported me so much on the journey into motherhood and into becoming more of myself’ – Mum of now 11 year old.


‘I was seeking a way back to myself and put my trust in Annabel. I was rewarded with beauty, love and insight as Annabel gently, generously and skilfully enabled me to reconnect with my own inner fire.’  Alison – counsellor, wife, mother and grandmother – late 50’s

‘I feel a sacredness about my body which I don’t think I’ve really felt before.  I’m so grateful for the way you hold space for me.  Each meeting I have had with you has such a pivotal positive impact in my life.  I can feel the pull down to the core of the earth making me more grounded and a pull from the right of my body to the centre – aligning me. It feels like energy has cleared allowing me to feel more comfortable in my body.  It is almost like I’m wearing a new suit at the moment and seeing with new eyes. I am starting to recognise much more quickly when I am out of alignment and out of my body. It really felt like this session softened my heart and energy went up to my crown chakra.  Feeling really happy.’  Sienna – teacher and mother – 38

‘I’ve been working online with Annabel – we’re six sessions in now.  I’d originally  heard about the local women’s group she runs in Manchester and just knew she’d help me shed a load.  It’s been so right for me being able to lay back and relax in the comfort of my own home as she leads me through structures over Zoom.  I now feel ready to join groups but as we’re now in the Covid-19 lockdown this is still perfect.  I’ve told Annabel things things I’d never told anyone before and am getting empowered and more confident with my  sexuality and the idea of relationships.  The weight is lifting.’  Mina – Finance manager – 28

‘Thank you so much for all that you have shared with me.  Your light has given me the confidence to begin to accept the light within myself and to heal places that got stuck in darkness.  I am so grateful that our paths crossed.  Thank you for holding my hand to show me that Yoni is not a dark space with a dark energy – that Yoni is healing and that pleasure really is a wonderful desire.  Thank you for the light, love and pure Shakti.’   Ayesha – single – 30

‘Working with Annabel in her tantra temple was a right-of-passage for me. She creates a playful and very supportive, yet challenging and potentially transformational environment in which I felt safe to explore the invitation to know my sexual self in more depth. I felt her giving me the beauty of her full attention and I learnt so much from her example as well as from listening to my own body. I knew whatever I was experiencing or whatever came up during our sessions was all welcome and I was able to trust Annabel to hold me as I unearthed layers of my sensual, erotic and sexual self.  I felt a clear direction as to what I wanted to explore after Annabel’s sessions. I have developed more of a voice with my beloved so that I can make requests for what I’d like to try with him and ask him about what he’d like me to do to give him pleasure.  I feel excited about the possibility of expanding my sensual and sexual repertoire to explore different aspects of myself. I am no longer stuck in a cul-de-sac of habitual unconscious behaviour but rather know myself more clearly and have much more willingness to explore ways to heighten my pleasure. The world would be a happier place if everyone had some sessions with Annabel!!  Grace – teacher and mother – 40

‘Annabel has a fun yet very grounding energy which allowed me to relax completely into the work of removing the emotional blockages that I was holding onto in relation to giving and receiving love. She possesses such knowledge, compassion and integrity within the work she does which allowed me to go deeper into the healing process and release what no longer was serving me.  Highly recommended.’  Louise – fashion buyer – 32

‘I decided to visit Annabel earlier this year after deciding my relationship with my own sexuality needed some attention.  I found Annabel to be gentle and sensitive yet clear right from the start.  I spent a full day with Annabel and felt very safe and well held.  Annabel created a space of honesty, openness and non judgemental  love in which I felt safe to explore those areas of myself which had been hidden all my life.  I would definitely like to work with Annabel again and would highly recommend her work.’  Sarah – mother – 37

‘As soon as I was in the healing space of the temple Annabel has created a deep sense of trust and ease was felt immediately. This was a space absolutely dedicated with deep integrity and intention towards healing, holding, honouring and love and Annabel wholeheartedly embodied these qualities throughout the whole session with grace. I had never received a yoni healing before so of course i was present to my fears, worries and questions as to ‘what will it be like?’, ‘how will i feel during such an intimate healing?’, and ‘what if it is all too much for me?’. Annabel explained in great detail the healing practice and made it very clear before and during the healing that it was always my choice as to how far i felt to enter further into the process. This gave me the possibility to relax and be receptive to what was happening. I found the yoni healing to be an incredibly rich and powerful experience. I felt safe to let go into the deep emotional holding that was revealed and was encouraged to be seen and witnessed in those places. There was something that felt so ancient about a woman in service to healing another woman so intimately, a sense of knowing and resonance, as if this was a practice so natural that our bones and heart remember. I felt very honoured, blessed and nurtured and without any doubt I recommend Annabel as an extraordinarily gifted and beautiful healer in service to the healing of our whole/holiness. She is a rare gem and I am incredibly grateful for the profound experience. Thank you Annabel.’ – Heidi – artist and healer – 42


′Bela did not judge this poor lost soul and her faith in me turned the tide in my relationship with myself and my wife ……….  Bela’s sessions encourage self expression, and being totally present in the now.  By creating a safe and trusting environment she has patiently shown me alternative ways to view and confront myself and my true feelings.  She has helped me rebuild my confidence and reawaken the previously hidden and disowned parts of me… Through a combination of breathing exercises and bodywork she has helped me simply transform my life and my relationship.’  Clyde – doctor – 55

‘Following the end of a relationship that I thought would go on for ever, the pain and stress I had experienced in the breakup continued, combined with a continual plate spinning job.  I was so much inside my head.  Within just a couple of sessions Bela’s skilful guidance and practices began to unlock the body and soul that had been pushed away.  Bela holds a very safe space for her clients and works intuitively with your energy to gently and safely guide and encourage you to find and experience your inner self, explore and develop your energy, and understand the value of connection.  Bela’s work is so valuable and inspirational I would recommend it to everyone who like myself is committed to finding the energy and love deep within. She is a truly unique teacher with a genuine empathy for you and
 your needs.’ 
 James – physiotherapist – 50

‘I was diagnosed with prostate cancer in early 2011 and as a consequence had my prostate removed very soon afterwards.  Since commencing sessions with Annabel in early 2014, my confidence has grown considerably and I have learned to accept my body with all its imperfections.  I have realised that we are all made up of energy of one sort or another and that energy can be shared with others, for example through slow and subtle touch. This can be a source of real pleasure for the person being touched.  I have started to use what I have learned with the woman I’ve been married to for over 30 years and it has already started to reawaken dormant feelings in both of us.’ Richard – engineer – 60

Step into your power and pleasure …